Transaction Unification Network


“All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.”
– Nikola Tesla


Our Group

The NIKO project was initiated by Nikola Tesla Unite Ltd. (NTU). NTU is dedicated to unifying the efforts supported, endorsed, and acknowledged by the Nikola Tesla Foundation.

Our Mission

Nikola Tesla Unite aims to facilitate fundamental change in societal interactions while having a significant impact on many of the ways our world functions by building solutions that will have a profound impact on how global society interacts.

Our Values

Nikola Tesla Unite believes Community, Decentralization, and Inclusion are all closely and deeply aligned with the forthcoming digital economy. A future where the people and technology will be a part of an open economic system.

Technology continues to globalize our communities and remove restrictions in freedom of creation. Decentralized systems and other FinTech advances have enabled a new world of value exchange that is driven by abilities and ideas that bypass territories and bureaucracies.

The latest developments surrounding these new capabilities include the use of technology to help record exchanges of value resulting in a rapid pace of development affecting many areas of society.

We are advancing this state of economics and pushing it forward through innovative development. We are building solutions that will have a profound impact on how global society interacts. Leveraging a top-tier network of global providers, we are building an ecosystem more robust and far-reaching than anything to date.


Our  Directors are Founding Directors of Nikola Tesla Unite. Having NIKO empowering the dreams of Nikola Tesla’s Legacy


Our advisory board consists of carefully selected people who are positive contributors to our goals.


Our Brand Ambassadors are pivotal in their respective industries and are active in the NIKO economy.


NIKO evangelists spread knowledge and awareness about NIKO.


Supporters of the NIKO economy participate in ways that are personal.


Our partners are directly involved with efforts contributing to the growth of the NIKO economy.

NIKO People

NIKO efforts are supported by a vast, top-tier network of people and organizations. Contributors to the NIKO project are involved in many ways. The NIKO economy is designed for diversity and cultivates organic expansion.

The NIKO Economy

The NIKO economy is supported by an ecosystem that is built following the “Three Pillars of a Viable Cryptocurrency”. The “Three Pillars” is a framework outlined in the “Cryptocurrency Deployment Fundamentals” materials created by Founding Director Steven Dryall*. The “Three Pillars” outline a quantifiable method of evaluation for any cryptocurrency project.


NIKO Tools

The NIKO wallet software is currently available. NIKO software is open-source and is open to contributions from anyone.


NIKO Community

The community surrounding the NIKO economy supports the ideals of the Nikola Tesla Foundation International.


NIKO Markets

NIKO is supported by a network of merchants and organizations. NIKO is a fully functional cryptocurrency.

Support The NIKO Economy

The NIKO Network can be accessed immediately using the wallet software provided here. Additional tools will be made available soon.

Coming Soon

There are many developments in progress related to NIKO. We are making announcements as more information becomes available.