NIKO is a cryptocurrency designed to be used by anyone and accessible to everyone. Cryptocurrency networks are secured using a consensus algorithm and there are many to choose from. Proof of Work algorithms make use of specialized hardware that consumes electricity to secure the network. Rather than using this resource intensive method for verifying transactions the NIKO is supported through Proof of Stake.

Proof of Stake incentivizes network participation using a method called “Staking”. Proof of Stake generates blocks based on the number of coins you are holding rather than the amount of mining hardware running. This is a more environmentally friendly system and ensures that people are motivated differently from those within a Proof of Work system.

The NIKO Proof of Stake system is also based on equal and even distribution so anyone can be rewarded for network support. Any amount of NIKO is able to generate staking rewards that are proportionate to the quantity of NIKO being held. This makes NIKO support accessible and beneficial to the widest number of possible users.