About Proof of Stake for NIKO

NIKO is a cryptocurrency designed to be used by anyone and accessible to everyone. Cryptocurrency networks are secured using a consensus algorithm and there are many to choose from. Proof of Work algorithms make use of specialized hardware that consumes electricity to secure the network. Rather than using this resource intensive method for verifying transactions […]

Welcome to NIKO

Technology continues to globalize our communities and remove restrictions in freedom of creation. Decentralized technology systems and other FinTech advances have enabled a new world of value exchange that is driven by abilities and ideas that bypass territories and bureaucracies. The latest developments surrounding these new capabilities include the use of decentralized systems to help […]

NIKO Overview

NIKO is an entirely decentralized, open-source, worldwide network, that is able to securely record transactions of value, without any central authority. NIKO functions on an independent peer-to-peer network that is supported by the NIKO community. The NIKO network is open and freely available where anyone has the opportunity to participate. The goal of the platform […]