About Proof of Stake for NIKO

NIKO is a cryptocurrency designed to be used by anyone and accessible to everyone. Cryptocurrency networks are secured using a consensus algorithm and there are many to choose from. Proof of Work algorithms make use of specialized hardware that consumes electricity to secure the network. Rather than using this resource intensive method for verifying transactions […]

NIKO for Mac Users

NIKO support for MacOS is available as a desktop application, a console application and also web-based access through your preferred browser. The NIKO MacOS desktop wallet is a full-featured software application. It is easy to use and is currently available as a direct download from the niko.eco website. Most users who are familiar with MacOS […]

NIKO Wallet for Android Users

Part of the NIKO strategy is to make NIKO accessible to as many users as possible.¬†Adoption of any cryptocurrency requires support from as many computing platforms as possible. We are constantly seeking partnerships and community support for expanding the NIKO technology universe. If you are an Android user you will be happy to know there […]