What is NIKO?

NIKO is an entirely decentralized, open-source, worldwide network, that is able to securely record transactions of value, without any central authority. NIKO functions on an independent peer-to-peer network that is supported by the NIKO community. The NIKO network is open and freely available where anyone has the opportunity to participate. The goal of the platform is to provide a network that enables participants to securely communicate, conduct transactions and manage their value using the NIKO network and related services without any centralized dependencies.

How do I use NIKO?

NIKO can be accessed using any of the wallet software available from our downloads page. The NIKO desktop wallet is also open-source so it can be modified by the community and to offer complete transparency.

Is NIKO traded on any exchanges?


NIKO is traded on cryptocurrency exchanges with additional exchanges being added as NIKO becomes more widely adopted.

What merchants are accepting NIKO for payment?

A growing number of merchants are accepting NIKO as payment. A list of NIKO merchants is being assembled and will be posted at this site very soon. When you ask a retailer to accept NIKO, email us their Information so we can add it to the list

Is NIKO really the cryptocurrency of Nikola Tesla?


Nikola Tesla Unite Ltd., is the organization behind the creation of the NIKO network. The efforts of Nikola Tesla Unite Ltd., are endorsed and fully supported by Nikola Tesla Foundation International. NIKO is the ONLY Crypto that is supported by Nikola Tesla Unite.

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