Part of the NIKO strategy is to make NIKO accessible to as many users as possible. Adoption of any cryptocurrency requires support from as many computing platforms as possible. We are constantly seeking partnerships and community support for expanding the NIKO technology universe.

If you are an Android user you will be happy to know there is an option for you to use NIKO on your phone.

Visit the Google Play Store and search for “NIKO Wallet” to see a list of wallets that support NIKO and are available for the Android platform. This makes it possible for an increasing number of new users to be able to access NIKO on-the-go or who might not otherwise have been able to use it before.

For convenience here is a link to the first sightings of a NIKO wallet for the Android platform:

NIKO wallets are available for Windows and Mac desktop, Android, Linux, Web and Paper.