The NIKO community has grown rapidly and continues to expand in unexpected ways. The number of service providers, retailers, and other organizations is increasing regularly. The success of NIKO comes from those who support the efforts and objectives of everyone within the NIKO economy.

The goal of the NIKO platform is to provide a network that enables participants to securely communicate, conduct transactions and manage their value without any centralized dependencies. As the NIKO community expands further so too does the value it provides for everyone involved.

As more people join the NIKO community, more opportunities are created for others to benefit from those interactions. NIKO users are unified by similar beliefs and goals. By uniting efforts through a decentralized network of value exchange it is possible to accelerate the success of everyone.

We encourage people to join our community by creating their own initiatives and sharing them with others. As more people support those initiatives, the value will grow both individually as well as collectively.