NIKO is an entirely decentralized, open-source, worldwide network, that is able to securely record transactions of value, without any central authority. NIKO functions on an independent peer-to-peer network that is supported by the NIKO community. The NIKO network is open and freely available where anyone has the opportunity to participate. The goal of the platform is to provide a network that enables participants to securely communicate, conduct transactions and manage their value using the NIKO network and related services without any centralized dependencies.

Our Group

We are Nikola Tesla Unite Ltd. (NTU) and we are dedicated to unifying the efforts supported, endorsed, and acknowledged by The Nikola Tesla Foundation International (NTFI).


Our Mission

To facilitate fundamental change in societal interactions while having a significant impact on many of the ways our world functions by building solutions that will have a profound impact on how global society interacts.


Our Values

Community, Decentralization, and Inclusion are all closely and deeply aligned with our belief in the forthcoming digital economy. A future where the people and technology will be a part of a fully liquid system open to everyone.


The NIKO economy is supported by an ecosystem that is built following the “Three Pillars of a Viable Cryptocurrency”. The “Three Pillars” is a framework outlined in the “Cryptocurrency Deployment Fundamentals” materials created by Founding Director Steven Dryall*. The “Three Pillars” outline a quantifiable method of evaluation for any cryptocurrency project.

The Three Pillars of a Viable Cryptocurrency provide a clear path to success. While most blockchain/cryptocurrency projects emphasize technology, NIKO is deployed on ALL three pillars.